My my...why do you keep bumping yourself to everything?

Dear clumsy me,

Argh, remember that you bumped your knee to the desk this afternoon?
It hurts now. I got big bluish bruise!
Geez, we're so clumsy. I remember myself when she was still a high school girl, she used to bump her knee to the bed frame or her arm to the door frame. Wonder why. Humm. Is it genetical? Because I remember my sister bumped her knee badly to the bed frame. I don't see her doing it now though. So it's not genetical. Aww.

Ahh well.
Don't know what else to write.

Oh that reminds me of something btw!

Once upon a time, I was on my way to somewhere I can't remember. I got on the tram, which was quite packed, but I found myself a seat. Minutes later, an old lady with appeared, tahdaaah!
She has this small shopping trolley with her, the ones that Victoria Market's shoppers usually have with them. This old lady was going to sit in front of me...But heaven knows why, she didn't let me sit in peace. She ran her trolley over my foot! OUCH!

That. Hurts. A lot.

But then I forgot about that. Until one day I was walking around the city. I remember that I wore my comfy converse sneakers, but my foot hurted badly when I walked. Wondering why, I let it be *doh*. Aaand that happened for few days. Few days, before I finally found out WHY DID MY FOOT HURT. I found out that my right foot is brown and swollen. Eew. That mad lady!!! XO Boo you!

Anw. I'm alive and happy now. So I've forgiven you, old lady! XD