So another year went by...

Hi people, I know it's been a while since my last update, but to be honest, I don't feel like writing anything lately.

My internet back home (yes I'm home, in Indo) sucks and there's no way to post anything to my blog without having to wait for ages. And that's if I'm lucky enough not getting disconnected. It's that bad believe me.

It's a new year with nothing new to begin with, same old plain holiday back in my hometown. I did brought DVDs to kill time but hey my holiday is 2 month-ish.

Oh ok so you are asking how did I manage to write this since I have no internet connection? Well, I typed it in Writeroom and then copied and pasted it to my blog editor. Tricky. Speaking of Writeroom, it's a neat little app that turn your whole Mac screen as a typing area. No bouncing Skype icon to distract you from typing (it hid your dock!). This is a great app for any student who are trying to do an assignment, I figured.

So what's new?

My loyal companion for 12 years, my dog, Eagle died as 2010 ended. I can't believe that I've had him for more than half of my life :') He was 12 years old, a fairly old age for a small dog breed. My house is weird without him being in it!

He was 2 weeks old when I first visited his breeder's place. At just as big as my two palms combined, he chewed on a shoe which was literally bigger than him. I remembered his fur being all white at that age. When he came into my house, he already had his brown spots.

He was naughty, greedy, always panting, lazy, peeing inside the house, but I love how he always followed me around. Scratched on my door begging to be let in. Waving one of his front paws asking to be petted. Sat with both of his front feet waving asking for attention. Put his paw on my feet. Rolled on his back asking me to rub his tummy. Whimpered in his cage asking to be let out. Sniffed. Licked. Wagged his tail.

Even when he was really sick he still tried to walk into my room to find me. And wagged his tail still when called.

Boy, there are just so many things about him that I will miss! This place will just never be the same :'(

I miss having a dog already! And I know it won't happen until I-don't-know-when.