Dear myself who was having her 19th birthday soon

Yeah, it's for you girl, you almost turn 19! I almost turn 20!

Anyway, I found something that you wrote on 16 May 2007...Now that's almost a year ago.
This was my inspiration to create this blog...Even though as I said before, this wasn't originally my idea. Someone did write a letter to herself, and I read it somewhere, can't remember it now. Thanks for inspiring me, whoever you are wherever you are now. Ha ha.

To the letter.

just now, a thought popped in my mind...=)

i'm turning 19 soon...woow...time went by so fast...can't believe it ^^

If I can...I really want to write a letter for the 16 yrs old me

I just want to say to her

be strong
be brave

everything will be more than alright

time will change everything,
time will heal your pain

maybe some wound will leave some scars


you will be more than alright

you will be great, you will feel good

you will find that,

somethings are exchangeable

when u lose something

u'll get a better one soon

so, be strong

I know, it's just yourself 3 yrs later's words


don't you know that things can be very different in 3 yrs?

I didn't

I do now.

because I've went through that 3 yrs

15, 16, 17

were the 'not-so-happy' yrs in my life

18 is great

so, just wait and see...

For the people who hurt u, just forgive them

and I mean it

For the people who love u, love them even more

u'll never know when u'll lose them

from the soon to be 19 nysia.

Wow, 19 years old me, I can't believe you wrote that. Now here I am, turning 20 soon and I still relate most of the words to my life now...
Time changes things, yes. Troubles come and go in our life, true...Don't we just love the 'go' part?lol

I thank God for everyday of my life, in the past, now and later. I'm glad He didn't let me go on my 16th. I'm glad I'm 20 now and He's still by my side. Phew!

Ok, here's the weird part. I'm turning 20! Look at the '2'!!! Omygosh. I feel ancient now. (Ha, wait until you turn 30, 40...)

Owkieh, I'll stop being all sentimental X3 We need to LOL more in life! Yeah! You may grow up but just don't don't don't ever grow old! :3

Did you hear the fire alarm roaring??

Oh dear myself,
I'm just writing to calm you down, that was just a false alarm, and you did the right thing sleeping through all of that...

Let me repeat myself.





Ok, I have to admit that I was worrying a bit that we might suddenly had to be rescued by firemen because o your ignorance. But...I also fully understand that you hardly slept last night...Wait, am I writing this to make excuses for myself? Uh-oh...my baad :]

Anw, we survived! Woohoo!


Dear myself, stop deleting your blogs!

so to my dearest self in the past,

I just want to say, stop deleting your blogs! I've had enough!
You just keep writing things...And then you keep deleting them...
I want this one to survive-no, I want this one to be something.
I don't know what, make something good, like great! :D

Let me share an idea with you, myself,
I, we, wrote something in our another blog before.
As far as I remember, we called it letter to xx years old me (can't remember the value of xx).
I liked that one, oh yes I know the idea wasn't that original but...
Yeah, I liked it. I know you did, too.

So maybe from now, I'm gonna write letters. To you. Yepp, to myself. To myself in the past, to myself now. Just wanna remind them, that I, here see their future. Their x years later, their months, their weeks or days later. Just wanna tell them that I, them, survived until today. I wanna tell them that...well, they're ok today, safe and sound. Things like that. Sounds crazy? Yay! XD

That's it for now, me in the past.

And for you, my dearest reader *if anyone ever read this...*, thanks for reading the first post of this blog...drumroll please? XD