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Hello, world.

I know it's been like ages since I last updated this poor blog of mine...

It's been so long that I tot, maybe, maybe perhaps blogging is just a holiday-time-killer for me. But owell, Melbourne's way livelier than Kudus *sorry my beloved hometown :)* and I have way more things to do here than there *that fo sure, refer to my past posts if you find it hard to believe*.

Hmmm updates, updates.

First thing first, I now a proud Mac user! Woohoo!
I finally gave up my 3 years old Dell and turned against Microsoft and Windows...and Bill Gates fif that matters? I can't stand doing my assignments on my old sluggish laptop anymore. After countless errors and "program not responding" messages, THAT'S IT!!! I've had enough, screw microsoft.

I'm all happy and good now, loving my new 15" Macbook Pro even tho the recent price drop kinda pissed me off. Hmm not really, I got mine in ebay for quite a bargain... *still cheaper than the official price after the price-drop!* So, yeah. Doing assignments feel a lot easier now. Playing the sims feels so much better too.

Speaking of the sims, YAY THE SIMS THREEEEEHHH!!!! Woohoo thanks for my understanding boyfriend who got it for moi x) xoxo

The Sims has been my favorite game for everrr, since the first 'til the third. I'm kinda hoping the expansion packs for the 3rd come asap, I want pets!!!!

Other than my shiny new MBP and sims 3...I don't know what else is new, really. Well I mean, almost half a year has passed since my last blog update...but nothing really changes.

Sem 2 starts today, if you believe it. And it ends in Oct. 16 of October! Hail RMIT!!

Oh and I have short hair now, forgot to mention it :p

Aaand I'm twittering even tho I don't kno what I'm doing there x) If you're interested to follow me, my used id is vnysia. I got some random followers already. I don't know why would u want to follow some random people :'/

Last one, I'm broke. I just checked my bank account and I'm not happy at all. Looks like I have to start selling stuff to live until the end of this year. Donation, anyone?

Interesting sighting

- Do you notice that there's a dog who hangs around Bourke St mall? Not alone, I know, but he's cute. I saw him *is it a HE??* few times in front of Target, sitting pretty while his owner chatting to 'big issue' guy *who seems to love this dog too*. One day when I was checking JB Hi-Fi, this dog was alone in front of the escalator, sitting still. His leash on his neck, but not tied to anything :) Good dog, smart one indeed.

- One of level 9 residents in my apartment is a family *I think*. Last night I saw a guy opening the apartment door, and a poodle jumped happily on his legs. Cute, if only it is not shaved bald. I'm not really into poodles. Husky? Now we're talking.

- I was flickering for Husky photos and died of cuteness overdose. You should try sometimes, it feels good. Try searching for Alaskan Malamute *I think it's the right way to spell it...*, they are awesome.

- Last sunday after church, we were walking down Bourke St *you can start saying this is the place where all interesting happenings happen* when we realised that Swanston St is blocked. From a far, we saw a huge number of people coming down to Bourke. Looks like some campaign, so we decided to rush before we couldn't cross the road. But some people are too slow and they didn't manage to cross the road...So we had to wait for them. Turned out the campaign was 'Walk for harmony'. It was quite interesting, lucky I got my cam! Flick through it if you want, but I haven't upload some more. Too lazy.

- Can't really remember any more interestin stuff...But I say today was a pretty day considering it's winter :) It was warm and cozy, and I'm glad I chose to drop of on Flinders and walk all the way home. Southgate looked charming.


- I want to go to Camberwell market. But it's on sunday from 6am to 1pm. Holly molly.
- I'm tempted to buy a BB. But as I mentioned before...I'm broke, and I won't buy it unless I have enough money on my own. But I prefer spending my savings on something else.
- *sigh* I want a waterproof camera
- I want a waterproof ipod. Who knows it can pump me to do more laps?

Aww that's it. Don't feed desire if you can't handle it.