Bringing back the dodgy memories - part 2

continued from last post!

19 November 2008
Chillaxing Santa by you.
Bondi Junction. One of the best Westfield shopping centre in Sydney! It's big and full of interesting shops.
Watch out for lazy Santa on Christmas time.
Things to love here: Max Brenner. Not that special anymore, but worth some loving.

21 November 2008
City view from Sydney tower by you.
Sydney Tower - Revolving restaurant.
I know it's pricey, and the food's not that special, but don't miss this chance to see Sydney's aerial view!
Warning: don't go there on cloudy or rainy days. May makes you feel so desperate, looking at this gloomy city. Makes you wanna jump from the top too, perhaps.

one of the awesomest sushi! by you.
Makoto sushi bar! If you love Jap food or just sushi like ME, you definetely must eat Makoto's sushi!! After that, try the awesome dessert, GREEN TEA BRULEE. Oooh ~ feel the power.

After eating here, you won't be able to eat sushi anywhere else without saying the magic word..."Makoto..."
Surely you'll miss the green tea brulee badly too. Omnomnomnom.

22 November 2008

Back to Darling Harbour!
Well, can't resist the iced choc. Omnomnomnom XD

Until next time, Sydney! :D

Bringing back the dodgy memories - part 1

At least, the promised post... XD My Sydney trip last month!

Visiting Sydney sure brought some dodgy memories alive, remembering I spent one year and a half there...

15 November 2008
Harbourside at night by you.
Darling Harbour used to be all 'wow' and 'whoah' when I first come x)
After several times, however, the 'wow' became 'oh' and 'so'.
Now...after spending half a year in Melbourne, it was quite wow again at the first glance :p
Things (foods) to love here: Pancake on The Rocks - even tho I prefer the one in The Rocks, Darling Harbour's closer to city XD; LINDT CAFE!! - uhuyyness; umm, there's Hurricane too if you're just too lazy to go to Bondi beach.
Note that Darling Harbour goes all the way to Kings Wharf, and there's Kingsley... The steak's quite good, the memories' better *To Ade and Arif...inget kaaan? hiahia*
Also if you're single and desperately looking, Darling Harbour might makes you feel intimidated. Lotsa couples doing kissie and huggie there. Maybe more, I just haven't got a chance to bust'em.
Less dangerous than the one above, but still be cautios to seagulls. Don't feed the birds! Let human be the only kind that eat JUNK food.

16 November 2008
QVB's stained glass window by you.
Full of expensive stuff that I can't afford, but if you go to the low levels, you may find some bargains here XD lol.
Things to love here: Mondo's gelato, some random japanese cafe upstair - the breakfast's nice :9, victoria's basement - found some cute stuff there.
This mall is so hectic at peak hours, specially in the lowest level as it connects with Town Hall station...watch your feet, might get stomped a lot.
17 November 2008
lining up by you.
Opera House...Can't say you've been to Sydney if you haven't been here!
Be warned that this place is full of random Asian tourists wearing random Australia clothes and accessories.
Like Darling Harbour, Opera House is full o sea gulls.
And the random Asian tourists feed'em.
To love here: err....knowing that you're in Sydney?

Metallic Blue Crab! by you.
Fish Market
The place to get lots and lots of cholesterol.
The food's not that awesome, but I like eating here xD The seafood platter might bring out some apetite.
To love here: seafood platter

18 November 2008

The Gallery of Victoria

Ichiban boshi!
You need to q for a while to get seated, but the food is really worth the price! Totally recommended. The service is good too ~ I love japanese resto.
While waiting to get seated, you can try taking photos with your pals to kill time. You might get stared by fella q-ers, but who cares anyway.

Things to love here: Ichiban boshi for sure. Kinokuniya...why don't we have it in Melbourne? D:, shops shops.

The Strand Arcade
fleur wood by you.
Doesn't really bring back any memories, but worth mentioning too.
Well, maybe it doesn't worth mentioning.

continued in next post!

Jakarta Kota Sinetron

I'm in Jakarta! The city that's so famous for it's traffic jam...and for me...the extreme heat *caused by polution, perhaps?*

I arrived around a week ago, after uber tiring flight...I've decided to hate malaysian airlines because it took me so long to get to Jakarta from Melbourne, lol. FYI, it was the worst flight I've ever had. I caught a cold, I suspect it's because I was out in the rain before the flight. I got stuffy nose, and my ears hurt badly, I couldn't sleep really well, caused me to have back pain...Just perfect.

Arriving in Jakarta...I could feel the heat straight away. Phew! Awesomely hot.

Now, after staying here and going around for one week...I think Jakarta is a sinetron city at heart.

Why? Hmm.
  • The main reason is; tante-tante with wrinkles put on make up as heavy as geisha's make up. They also do their hair as if they're going to wedding-> high and stiff because of the classic hairspray!! Oh and they shop in ZARA...Errr, and the norak clothes. So tante.
  • Expensive bags,,,can be seen around. You know, those bags with random monograms like LV n stuff. Total sinetron-antagonist look. Hahah.
  • The poors are poor poor. While the rich embraces richness, the poor sit in poorness puddle. You can see beggars at lotsa traffic lights. Some of them have 'sangar' look that forces you to give your coins *emphasise the 's'* to them. You don't want to have your Mercedez-benz scratched, do you?
  • Ahh, expensive cars. Why would you want to drive a Ferrari here? How do you drive through speed bumps huh? I'm so gonna cry if I scratch a car that's as expensive as my house.
  • Ooh here comes the Blackberry era. I just saw a bunch of teenagers sitting down in a mall, chit chatting with each other, each of them held a blackberry. And I thought Indonesia is poor? Hey, remember wall-e? Maybe someday in the future you'll be talking to someone who's sitting right next to you through computer-webcam-thingie. And you'll be fat. FAT.
O well, it's not like I have any right to complain tho, as all I am doing is sitting here and checking my facebook. lalala~

Jakarta oh Jakarta...How I hate the traffic here. I miss Melbourne so bad! However, I'm losing apetite here. Which is good for my diet program *if I have any*.


Last week in Melbourne!

Right, it's my last week before I fly off to Jakarta!
I'm goin' this Sat, actually. Not even a week to go huh?

I dunno whether I'm excited to go home or not. Well, I miss some of the food. I miss my people. I miss my dog (yeah and my fam too xD). But still, staying in Indo for 2,5 months is BORING. Supa-awesomely-boring.
I hate the wheather. I hate mosquitos. I hate stayin' at home alone, as my friends have kinda diff hol than I do. Theirs shorter, in the brighter side.

Thinking about the brighter side, a good reason why I should go home is because it's summer here in Australia (or I should say, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SUMMERRR!!!).

Aagh I still prefer staying here than in Indo tho. =.=
O bother. Better stop whining. *fyi me at work now :p*

Let's stop talking about the depressing journey home *can it be that bad?*

Lotsa things have happened lately; for example my Sydney trip!
Visiting Sydney makes me love Melbourne even more tho.
Except for the fact that Syd has easyway and Melbourne doesn't.
That Syd has the awesome Makoto. AND MELBOURNE DOESN'T! Raaagh green tea brulee.

Talk about my Syd trip sometimes.
Gtg now! *back to work back to work, stop bludiing*