a designer's eyes. a melancholic's eyes.

I love spot the differences. 

When I was still studying in Sydney, I used to go to Capitol Square on a weekly (or every other day?) basis to play spot the difference game there. And I think, I was pretty good.

I recently discovered that I have been picking up flaws in every designed thing - billboard, menus, posters, magazines - I saw. Could it be caused by 3,5 years of studying design? I remember having one-on-one consultations, and my tutor always, always picked something that's not working from my design. And that, has changed the way my eyes see forever. For example. I was going to Woolworths the other day, and I walked past Sumo Salad. At first glance, its big menu looked great. I loved the photo where there were two plates of salad on a wooden surface. I loved wooden surfaces, and that photo caught my attention. BUT, then I saw how the two sides of the plates are OVERLAPPING each other! That's so fake. Can't happen in real life.

See what I mean? I think I became more critical about everything I see!

Plus, I'm a phlegmatic melancholic person (click if you have no idea what I'm talking about). My melancholic side makes me a perfectionist, hence the reason why I am very critical is explained :)

Ok that's just me, trying to know myself better.

Now for the happenings:

I miss taking photos. Outside. Haven't been spending time for photo-hunting recently. Blame work and cold weather. And I've been maintaining my flickr more than usual.

This gotta be my fave shot of the week. What a cute little booties! :D