somewhere in between

Hey blogworld, haven't been writing here for ages huh! :D

Lotsa happenings that I haven't written here yet...some are too good to be missed, so here I am, in front of my laptop when I'm supposed to be doing something else! *sigh*

First, as uni is officially over, I am officially on my own! That means I'll have to support myself...find a full time job...like asap. Money is running low!

Second, being in a LDR relationship SUCKS. It's boring like nothing else! The story was; bf had to go back to his kampung as his dad won't let him stay here in the kangaroo-land. So, fingers crossed, we look forward for his coming back to Melbie when money piles up high enough to climb up and slide down on.

Third, is global warming real? *being smacked on the face by treehuggers* It was raining ICE CUBES in Melbourne last weekend! It was a crazy hailstorm, and the city was flooding! Gosh! Who knew that Melbourne was worse than Jakarta? Haha the rain was only 2 hours and the flood was knee-high! Geez.

Fourth, I'm cooking more these weeks. Saving money and being healthier. I just hate how long it takes to prepare food :( *sob* O well, burn the calories before it even goes in! Ha - I wish.

Next *lost count*, my sista is coming here with her fam! Oh wow, this gonna be the first time any family member come n visit me! And this is like, what, my fourth year in Australia =.= Oh and I'm going to Gold Coast next week! Sad tho, I won't have a chance to visit wet n wild xD it's my fav park there!

So that's what you should know! Oh and on a random note, when you come down to Chinatown, watch out for hairs. Not that I found any on my food yet, but last time I ate in my fave restaurant, I saw the longest armpit hair. Ever. Hands down. It looks like it can strangle a cat or suffocate you to death. Thank God I'm not having nightmares, lol. Resto-name not mentioned since I love this restaurant. Good food, friendly waiters, reasonably priced. Unlike that bastardos in Pacific BBQ. I hate that restaurant with all my heart.