Liquid we put on

Look at this pretty bottle! This is MOR's perfume oil which I got from a newsagent store (which also sells pretty home decor stuff and stationeries). It was my second visit to this newsagent, I didn't realise it carries MOR stuff. I've been eyeing at MOR's products because of their pretty packaging, but never tried any of its products before. 

This particular perfume is Snow Gardenia, and it smells much like jasmine mixed with something else. I love how it's sweet without being too strong. My only complain: it doesn't come in bigger bottle! Oh well, let's try to finish this one first :p


Let there be light...

This box came to me on Monday! Well, not really true. I had to go to South Melbourne PO to pick it up (after stalking it online). I hate my apartment's concierge for never ever receiving deliveries for me. And Freshwater's PO for closing down. Agh! That aside, I was really happy to finally got this surprisingly light box...which has this inside:

A Canon box...

With my much anticipated Speedlite in it!!

More unboxing pics :) It took me a while getting used to the setting and stuff (bad habit of 'reading the manuals later'), before I could take properly lit image...Like this one, my fave of the night.

I'm one happy human being!! :D :D :D This pic was taken in the same room as the unboxing pics, no touch up whatsoever :)

Really glad I chose to get the speedlite before a macro lens!