Hey ho!

If any of you wonder what I've been doing lately, I have to say it's still a mystery.
Honestly, I can't really remember what I've been doing :p
Things go like they always do: uni, work, oikos, and church.
Small things in between includes dinner out, lunch out, or baking.

I baked what's supposed to be strawberry turnover, but it ended up soggy since I could't seal the edges perfectly. Should give it a try again next time, but now I had enough soggy pastry lol.
O well, if you haven't failed you haven't tried eh? Speaking of baking, however, I baked a brownie tart last weel, which turned out awesomely. Not perfect, but I love the texture. Yum. Somehow it tastes a bit salty tho. I'm really sure I used unsalted butter and correct amount of salt…Humm maybe I should just reduce the salt next time!

a snapshot of the brownie, decorated for picture purpose only :p

Geez my blog's been boring for the past I-don't-know-how-long :( And I don't feel like writing anything interesting…Hahaha...
I just don't have anything to write about. Life's been good…I'm waiting for my holiday to come, so sick of coming to classes and doing my assignments. Just gimme a break already.

Oh one random thing! I've realised it for quite a while now, but then I never write it anywhere to remember it. Not that important, but interesting for me:
I learn and do bits of everything. By that I mean: photography; design; singing; basketball; baking; video editing; nail care *if that counts*; japanese; felt doll-making… and some more random stuff that I might missed. Well it's good in a way, but at the same time a bit ironical..hhahahhaah… I like stuff too easily. I see it, I want to do it, then I do it, then I stop most things and continue few things :p Hehe. I hope I keep learning how to bake tho, since I've already invested on some tools..gee.

Anyway, now I remember 2 interesting sightings that I wanna share!
1. When I was walking home, I saw an orange girl.
And that's so funnily lame. I mean, come on! She's orange! ORAAANGE!!! You know fake tan is just too much, but this…is just overwhelming. Reminds me of Bride Wars, yay.

2. I saw teletubbies today.
Errr, there were 2 Asians handing pamphlets in front of Melbourne Central, wearing what I see as cheap-made tubbies costume. I saw the purple one first *tinky winky?*. The head mask didn't cover his face, so I can clearly see his grumpy face. Dude, can't you at least smile? Who would take the pamphlets from a frowning fat purple alien? I hate teletubbies, let alone the pissed of ones. Walking down Swanston, I saw the second tubby, this time the red one or Po if I remember correctly…Inside it was a girl, thank God she at least smiled. She didn't put on the head mask tho. I can see no point she's wearing that oversized alien costume. Hmm. Marketing just got worse..haha…

And that's all I can remember for now! :)
Stay tuned


males bikin tugas


hello weekenders, happy sunny and nice saturday here in melbourne...
But I'm doing nothing in my room *supposedly doing my assignment*.

Hmm I really hav to do my asg, but you kno how it works, the 'mepet-er' the better...nah, don't try at home ok fellas!

So, what have i been doin all day long? Urmmm...brunch; my leftover 'farmers-pie', checkin my emails...One top that I ordered from ebay is discontinued!!! Grrh. Oh but I found a look-a-like, yay! Contd to check some more stuff in ebay...Geez japan really invented the cutest stuff eva! Haha so tempted to get some cute but useless stuff but they're like ozemly xpensive so let's just forget bout it T_T boo!

Interesting thing, I re-discovered my old blog, from my friendster acc *berdebu*
It's funny to read what I wrote years ago...lol
If you need a time-killer, go n check it out.

Speaking of friendster, is anyone still on it? Hahah it used to be the big thing back then. Hmm interestin huh, maybe the same will happen to fb one day?

*fast forward to waktu nysia udah jadi emak2*
nysia mak2: "iya cu, dulu mak suka maen fesbuk...itu lho, social networking di internet...seru deh, bisa gossipin siapa jadian sama siapa...bisa dapet berita gempa cuepet banget...bisa maen pet society...

cucu: "hm..." *ekspresinya kayak kita denger emak2 cerita tentang hebatnya yang nemu bajaj*

It's awesome how things change, aye? xD

neway, nothing worth-mentioning anymore...didn't do much this week. It was my sem break but ev1 was like busy, so I stayed @ home most of the time ;_; oh dear me!

Back to uni on Monday!!!


A li'l treat fo my nails :)

I did a basic nail care today...Tot my nails could use a little pampering :p My nails are so rigged and the cuticles are so dry that I decided to buy some stuff from priceline; cuticle remover oil, conditioner n stuff. Oh and I got all purpose: top/base coat from manicure's line too :S

No time for further explanation tho, need to go to toilet xD

Til latta!


Just a video for today

This is pure lol xD "the ship can't sink!" *blup blup blup*