What's uuuuup wooooorld??

Hello again!

Oh btw, I'm hungry. Waitin for HERMAN who's doin his assignment *waves hi herman!* to go home so we can cook dinner! What's for dinner? Dunno, some sort of pork sausages I heard *shivers*

Hmm that slideshow thingie? I was just testing that, got it from redbubble.com. The site's kinda interesting, you can upload your artworks for free and heaven knows when, someone might click on BUY and tah-daa you get some gold coins. Intriguing, so I gave it a try. If you're reading this please promote me to your pals. HAHAHAH.

Anything interesting lately...lemme think. Geez I'm pretty sure I forgot something that I can't remember *d'oh*

My birthday was almost 2 weeks ago. Tha' was fun, got two surprises = two cakes

thanks Edric for the photos :)

took a photo with 2 drunken strangers. In case you're wondering, YES those are shoes she's holding!! >:(

the second cake was uber cute (read: ultra super duper fattening).

Thanks my lovely friends for making such effort XD