About me

Hi there, so fate has brought you to my blog, eh?
I guess welcome is in order then :)

I write when I feel like it, don't expect daily update *like anyone will*
I write totally random stuff, exaggerated daily happenings.

But who am I?

Well, the nick's vnysia. And that's close to my real name, should you know. I like blue. Tatty Teddy is my favorite bear. Camera is my obsession. Chocolate is my love. I do bits of pieces of many things. Baking. Illustrating. Designing. Cooking. Stoning. None of them I do superbly well. I love new book's scent, though I don't read as much as I used to do. I hate rain, no matter how light. Except when I'm safe in the comfort of my own home, perhaps. No, I don't enjoy horror movies. Thriller too, I hate. I just don't see the point of scaring yourself. Bad. I'm not addicted to music, but I like music that makes me go humming. And jigging. And all of this, is just the surface. And if it's relevant, I am taken.

Wanna contact me?

I don't know what  for - but just in case you want to, shoot me an email