Liquid we put on

Look at this pretty bottle! This is MOR's perfume oil which I got from a newsagent store (which also sells pretty home decor stuff and stationeries). It was my second visit to this newsagent, I didn't realise it carries MOR stuff. I've been eyeing at MOR's products because of their pretty packaging, but never tried any of its products before. 

This particular perfume is Snow Gardenia, and it smells much like jasmine mixed with something else. I love how it's sweet without being too strong. My only complain: it doesn't come in bigger bottle! Oh well, let's try to finish this one first :p


Let there be light...

This box came to me on Monday! Well, not really true. I had to go to South Melbourne PO to pick it up (after stalking it online). I hate my apartment's concierge for never ever receiving deliveries for me. And Freshwater's PO for closing down. Agh! That aside, I was really happy to finally got this surprisingly light box...which has this inside:

A Canon box...

With my much anticipated Speedlite in it!!

More unboxing pics :) It took me a while getting used to the setting and stuff (bad habit of 'reading the manuals later'), before I could take properly lit image...Like this one, my fave of the night.

I'm one happy human being!! :D :D :D This pic was taken in the same room as the unboxing pics, no touch up whatsoever :)

Really glad I chose to get the speedlite before a macro lens!


March in Melbourneland

Alrighty, I need to catch up with my blog posts :p There are a lot happening these past few weeks and I promised myself to post them here...but you know what happens next :)

To help me with my laziness, here's a lot of photos so I have to say less!

The Fish Feast
My friend (my ex-housemate's bf) came to my apartment with his big catch! My housemate cooked them into these delicious dishes: Deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, and fish curry! The deep fried one was particularly good, no bones involved 8) The curried one was rather hard (and taking ages) to eat, but yummy still.

Jimmy's Birthday: The Double Chocolate Torte
It was one of oikos member's, Jimmy's, birthday two weeks ago, and I baked a cake! The recipe was Smitten Kitchen's Double Chocolate Torte and I must say despite the length of time required to create this cake, it was the coolest chocolate cake I ever made :D The base is a dense, rich, moist chocolate cake, almost brownies like; and on top of it is a layer of thick, creamy and smooth chocolate mousse. The reception was good, the birthday guy loved it, Sal said it was too rich but the rest liked it (even Ko Iwan who got two leftover slices). The only thing I'm still trying to figure out: the strawberries taste got into a cake, making the cake black-forest-ish. You know, the sourness of cherries in black forest. But apart from that, even though mine is not as pretty as Smitten Kitchen's, I'm very happy with it!


Ade's Birthday
My ex-housemate in Sydney, Adeline, moved to Melbourne not long ago! And it was her birthday on March 9. Not knowing what to get for her, I went to the newly opened Candy Room, just accross my office <3 They have huge range of gift chocolate and jelly beans, including MnM in 20++ colours! My favorite was of course the rare pastel colours! I got her baby blue, baby pink, and white :) This store is my new to-go for confectioneries!

Yes that's right, ROWING! It was a Labour Day weekend in Melbourne, pretty sunny warm Saturday, and WWJD 2 (my oikos) went for a mini-outing to Yarra Bend Park boathouse (or whatever the name was!). We chose the 'classic boat' (the other options were kayak or canoe), paid $11 per head for 1 hour ride (good deal I must say). My left thumb blistered severely from trying to work out how to row the boat BUT it was a definitely must try if you're here :) Want to go again!! Oh and they have the prettiest bbq spot too! Note to self: must go bbq there too.

Moomba Water festival
Okay, tons of photos from Moomba! It's the time of the year again :) I didn't go last year because of the crazy hail down here, but I did go once two years ago. Same old same old, but hey I went with new group of people :p Okay fireworks photos later. Too lazy to download it from my camera now x)

Phew! And that's it for now! Cramming is surely not a good idea, people!


Ken the manly girls toy


I was browsing through my friends' updates on facebook when I came across to this!

Ken given the 'Bieber' treatment 

You should check the article out it's pretty smart :) But aww I played with my Ken a lot when I was younger. I had one with that plastic hair and the other one the 'Surfer Dude' with cool hair 8)
But I didn't play my Barbies the girly way. I didn't change their clothes or brush their hair that often. My Barbies (that includes Kelly, Ken, and the other ones in the Barbie family) went on an adventure, rode on a giant dog and stranded on an unknown island. I broke (didn't remember this though) one of my Ken's leg so he's like this cool survior. Didn't play with the other dude that much, he's like an extra. I liked the cycling Barbie a lot since she has good joints (not the rubber ones :/) and was very posable.

But blah. I put them in the highest cabinet in my room long time ago and they haven't seen the sunlight since. 


an update

Too lazy to blog. But here's a photo. Taken after watching No Strings Attached. 


So another year went by...

Hi people, I know it's been a while since my last update, but to be honest, I don't feel like writing anything lately.

My internet back home (yes I'm home, in Indo) sucks and there's no way to post anything to my blog without having to wait for ages. And that's if I'm lucky enough not getting disconnected. It's that bad believe me.

It's a new year with nothing new to begin with, same old plain holiday back in my hometown. I did brought DVDs to kill time but hey my holiday is 2 month-ish.

Oh ok so you are asking how did I manage to write this since I have no internet connection? Well, I typed it in Writeroom and then copied and pasted it to my blog editor. Tricky. Speaking of Writeroom, it's a neat little app that turn your whole Mac screen as a typing area. No bouncing Skype icon to distract you from typing (it hid your dock!). This is a great app for any student who are trying to do an assignment, I figured.

So what's new?

My loyal companion for 12 years, my dog, Eagle died as 2010 ended. I can't believe that I've had him for more than half of my life :') He was 12 years old, a fairly old age for a small dog breed. My house is weird without him being in it!

He was 2 weeks old when I first visited his breeder's place. At just as big as my two palms combined, he chewed on a shoe which was literally bigger than him. I remembered his fur being all white at that age. When he came into my house, he already had his brown spots.

He was naughty, greedy, always panting, lazy, peeing inside the house, but I love how he always followed me around. Scratched on my door begging to be let in. Waving one of his front paws asking to be petted. Sat with both of his front feet waving asking for attention. Put his paw on my feet. Rolled on his back asking me to rub his tummy. Whimpered in his cage asking to be let out. Sniffed. Licked. Wagged his tail.

Even when he was really sick he still tried to walk into my room to find me. And wagged his tail still when called.

Boy, there are just so many things about him that I will miss! This place will just never be the same :'(

I miss having a dog already! And I know it won't happen until I-don't-know-when.


Communication Shutdown, 1 Nov 2010

I'm joining Communication Shutdown 2010!
What this means is no facebook nor twitter for the day!
What for? Donation goes to raise fund and awareness for autism.
This is gonna be a challenge for moi but o well I will survive hey!

Visit the website, join the move :)