Today is the day!

Hi fellas,

Been a while since I last posted something here, but hey! Today is supposedly my big day, the day when childhood ends and real world strike you on your face real bad! :) Or so I am exaggerating...lol. Anyway, yeah I'm graduating today. Excited, you ask? Errm well...Maybe. I should be right? Since this is gonna be my first time wearing the black graduation gown (oh boy it's heavy) and mortar board, while Melbourne is burning (39C today!!) like there is no tomorrow.

Graduation ceremony will be at 7.30 pm, but I'll have to be there by 6 pm to register and stuff, and take photos for sure :) Oh and have I mentioned that RMIT's graduation is in Etihad Statium? Yeah, that stadium used to be called Telstra Dome (frankly speaking I like the old name better), and it is massive! I wonder how are we gonna be seated later...heh.

This week is actually a 'graduating week', or so I like to call it. Yesterday was Anthony and Hilda's. And Ko Robert too, which I didn't attend...Today's mine and Tina's. Tomorrow: Herman, Tiff, and Byron! How exciting! :D We're all officially off uni! Hoohoo!

On the other side tho, it's a bit sad to see people leaving Melbourne. Sad to say gbye after all this time we spent, sad to face the fact that they won't be here next year. But my best wishes be with them, sure we will meet again :3

On a random note, I've been studying for...approx 17 years!? Gosh how did time flies xD

It's awesome how we grow in the past years. I feel that this city brings so much changes in my life. I believe I'm a bigger girl now *mentally speakin' awwite*. I believe every challenges worth facing. I know I'm not alone!

If any of you reads this, I just wanna thank all my friends here in Melbourne for your love and support, you're like a family to me, a second home in my heart! :) Thank God for placing me here, thank God for letting me meet you all. One day, one day I know we'll have to say goodbye. But we know too, it will be just for a while...For the time being, let's have more fun, peeps! :D