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Dear myself, stop deleting your blogs!

so to my dearest self in the past,

I just want to say, stop deleting your blogs! I've had enough!
You just keep writing things...And then you keep deleting them...
I want this one to survive-no, I want this one to be something.
I don't know what, make something good, like great! :D

Let me share an idea with you, myself,
I, we, wrote something in our another blog before.
As far as I remember, we called it letter to xx years old me (can't remember the value of xx).
I liked that one, oh yes I know the idea wasn't that original but...
Yeah, I liked it. I know you did, too.

So maybe from now, I'm gonna write letters. To you. Yepp, to myself. To myself in the past, to myself now. Just wanna remind them, that I, here see their future. Their x years later, their months, their weeks or days later. Just wanna tell them that I, them, survived until today. I wanna tell them that...well, they're ok today, safe and sound. Things like that. Sounds crazy? Yay! XD

That's it for now, me in the past.

And for you, my dearest reader *if anyone ever read this...*, thanks for reading the first post of this blog...drumroll please? XD

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