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Me ditching my blog? XD

According to our beloved Mbah Google...

Definitions of ditching on the Web:

  • a path for water that drains the surrounding land and alters naturally existing water flow through the area.

  • errr wait, something's not right...

    Definitions of ditch on the Web:

  • forsake; "ditch a lover"
  • chuck: throw away; "Chuck these old notes"

  • ahhh better XD
    So uh yeaaaah I know I haven't update my blog that much. You poor li'l thing!
    I deleted some useless posts too. I think I'm thinking too much now. Hummm. Why do flies fly? Why do dogs bark and cats purr? What makes human human? *okay so these questions are not related at just being random, I kno*

    Sometimes ago, I wanted to write a serious-er blog. I used to write my blog on FS, then I moved here *yay*, bearing the thought that I don't want to write funny things anymore in my new blog. Then I thought *again*, "No, life will be tooo boring without jokes". Which is very true, my dear friends. So I deleted some of my 'too-serious' posts. Hmm I feel lighter already. No I think I feel dizzy. Blame the weather!! XD yaay

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