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hello, June!

Oh wow it's June! It's halfway through 2010, how fast is that!
I have no time for long paragraphs since it's 10.55 PM here in Melbourne and it means skype-time is nearing, so here are some of my favorite happenings in May :)

1. Melbourne Zombie Shuffle
Photographer haven!

2. Rosemary's Bday
It was at Sante in Crown Casino. Dressing up once in a while is fun :p Not a really flattering photo, but it's the only one where I can see my outfit head to toe :p

3. Red Velvet Cupcakes
It was a big hit in my office's Master Baker competition :p It scores me first place and a heart-shaped fondue set! I made chocolate-coated cake balls from the leftovers but I finished them too quickly for any pics to be taken :p

4. Combined oikos!
My cell group (called 'Oikos' in my church) split to two groups since we had too many members, but we had a combined one because Tiff, our previous leader came for a visit x) we had a huge 34 people cell group!

5. Universal Pizza
This was taken this afternoon @Universal. I always love the chicken schnitzel and parma there :3 Tiff is leaving tomr so we're hanging out today.

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