Ken the manly girls toy


I was browsing through my friends' updates on facebook when I came across to this!

Ken given the 'Bieber' treatment 

You should check the article out it's pretty smart :) But aww I played with my Ken a lot when I was younger. I had one with that plastic hair and the other one the 'Surfer Dude' with cool hair 8)
But I didn't play my Barbies the girly way. I didn't change their clothes or brush their hair that often. My Barbies (that includes Kelly, Ken, and the other ones in the Barbie family) went on an adventure, rode on a giant dog and stranded on an unknown island. I broke (didn't remember this though) one of my Ken's leg so he's like this cool survior. Didn't play with the other dude that much, he's like an extra. I liked the cycling Barbie a lot since she has good joints (not the rubber ones :/) and was very posable.

But blah. I put them in the highest cabinet in my room long time ago and they haven't seen the sunlight since. 

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