March in Melbourneland

Alrighty, I need to catch up with my blog posts :p There are a lot happening these past few weeks and I promised myself to post them here...but you know what happens next :)

To help me with my laziness, here's a lot of photos so I have to say less!

The Fish Feast
My friend (my ex-housemate's bf) came to my apartment with his big catch! My housemate cooked them into these delicious dishes: Deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, and fish curry! The deep fried one was particularly good, no bones involved 8) The curried one was rather hard (and taking ages) to eat, but yummy still.

Jimmy's Birthday: The Double Chocolate Torte
It was one of oikos member's, Jimmy's, birthday two weeks ago, and I baked a cake! The recipe was Smitten Kitchen's Double Chocolate Torte and I must say despite the length of time required to create this cake, it was the coolest chocolate cake I ever made :D The base is a dense, rich, moist chocolate cake, almost brownies like; and on top of it is a layer of thick, creamy and smooth chocolate mousse. The reception was good, the birthday guy loved it, Sal said it was too rich but the rest liked it (even Ko Iwan who got two leftover slices). The only thing I'm still trying to figure out: the strawberries taste got into a cake, making the cake black-forest-ish. You know, the sourness of cherries in black forest. But apart from that, even though mine is not as pretty as Smitten Kitchen's, I'm very happy with it!


Ade's Birthday
My ex-housemate in Sydney, Adeline, moved to Melbourne not long ago! And it was her birthday on March 9. Not knowing what to get for her, I went to the newly opened Candy Room, just accross my office <3 They have huge range of gift chocolate and jelly beans, including MnM in 20++ colours! My favorite was of course the rare pastel colours! I got her baby blue, baby pink, and white :) This store is my new to-go for confectioneries!

Yes that's right, ROWING! It was a Labour Day weekend in Melbourne, pretty sunny warm Saturday, and WWJD 2 (my oikos) went for a mini-outing to Yarra Bend Park boathouse (or whatever the name was!). We chose the 'classic boat' (the other options were kayak or canoe), paid $11 per head for 1 hour ride (good deal I must say). My left thumb blistered severely from trying to work out how to row the boat BUT it was a definitely must try if you're here :) Want to go again!! Oh and they have the prettiest bbq spot too! Note to self: must go bbq there too.

Moomba Water festival
Okay, tons of photos from Moomba! It's the time of the year again :) I didn't go last year because of the crazy hail down here, but I did go once two years ago. Same old same old, but hey I went with new group of people :p Okay fireworks photos later. Too lazy to download it from my camera now x)

Phew! And that's it for now! Cramming is surely not a good idea, people!

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