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I think freedom tastes like milk chocolate

Yayness~!!! I'm free! I conquered all of my assignments, and now I have none left >:D How wonderful is that!!
Thanks to folio that was submited yesterday, even though we're supposed to submit the last assignment next monday, we had to finish it before yesterday. WHy? Cos they're printing our folio-for free! Oh wow, hard cover, 300gsm inside paper...*drools* Thanks bambra and spicers paper! Me love you big time! :D

*fast forwarded unto the ranting part.*

When something's too good to be may not be true.
O well. Not literally.
Long story made short: I put my pdf file in the server yesterday *thank youuuu juleeee*, and I thought I'm free already. But then I checked my email this morning *thank youuuu herman for taking your time in the shower* and found out that I had to fix my folio's trim marks! Blehh.
Thanks to my indesign that uses 'point' instead of 'mm'. I rushed to fix it as I had to work this morning too =.= what a hassle. Lucky I have such a nice manager that doesn't mind her casual coming in late *thaaanks micheeeellle*.
Stupid rmit email wouldn't let me send a 9mb file, even tho suzie said the limit is 10mb. So I called Joe-Palmieri-the-nice and asked whether sending it through gmail acc would be fine. He said ok, phew. Sending it through was quite a hassle too, frankly. Dunno what to blame, my slow laptop or my silly computer or it was just me being panic XD.

However! I got a reply from suzie saying that she got me folio, no further request, I'm safe! Yayness to the max!

on the other random side of life...

I just knew that I'm the only design casual michelle has left! Blake and Carmelo have quited for some reason I don't know. Oh wow. Michelle gotta be very busy these days O_o
She offered me to work more hours, and as I'm free...why not? :p nyahahah...and she's lookin for more casuals, anyone interested? lols.

'til latta, people!

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