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someone reminded me that I have a blog. Plus I got a new layout!!

owell, I updated this blog on sept 28th, thats not so long ago XD
aaaand! I like this new layout! woohoo...
even tho it got the designer's name on the bottom...*bolong?? bolong means, umm, hole in Indo! XD* hahahahsh...

update update

uni's been boring. me wants holiday so badly :[
aagh. but I dont wanna stay in Indo for too long too *demands demands demands*

owell. I'm going to Syd next month! yayness!!

let's make a to do list in syd, aye? :D

- eat in Ramen Kan --- me loves the katsu don
- eat in Thainatown --- miss the pad kapraw and pad thai
- eat in Superbowl --- remarkable seafood/chicken congee, shredded beef and also squid..Ha!
- eat in Marigold/ the restaurant in Market City - forgot the name
- eat in Makoto --- J-food ftw
- eat in Sushi train
- eat in AMP tower? hmm questionable
- eat in Star City buffet --- oooh mushell
- eat in fish market --- agh seafood!
- eat in...umm, where else to go??
- dessert dessert - ice creeeam!
- next dessert destination: pancake on the rocks!
- more dessert destination: lindt cafe! yayness

HOMG. So many things to eat so little time XD

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