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this week...hmm

Top random thing happened in this month: Richo!

So who in the world is this 'Richo' guy? A-ha. Bet you don't know.
I didn't wanna know, actually. But random thing happens in my life! Soo, yeah.

Sunny Friday, perfect weather for everything! After lect, I felt the urge to...swim in my apartment's swimming pool. The pool is uber cozy, it's indoor and very warm. Niiice. My day was perfect, until few laps later. A guy came in, and from my observation, he was going to swim (d'oh, what else would he wanted to do?). Uh-oh. The pool wasn't all mine anymore. Nooooh.
But o well. I learned about sharing with others, so this is the time to practice it. Awrity, I kept on swimming back and forth. Even though I didn't enjoy myself as much as before.
Few laps laatta. He started talking to me.

that guy: Hello.
me: uh. hi (whaddya waaant??? aaaaa!!!)
that guy: I've never seen you here before.
me: ha ha. yeah me either
that guy: do you come here often?
me: nope. you?
that guy: no, this is like my 5th time here.


that guy: are you free tonight?
me: (AAAAGH this is BAD, BAD BAAAD) no, I'm gonna have BBQ tonite.
that guy: BBQ? where?
me: Verve. With myFRIENDS (the emphasize is, you're not my friend)
that guy: about tommorow?
me: hmm. going to play basketball tomorrow.
that guy: wow, basketball? where?
me: south kensington.
that guy: oh. how about sunday?
me: umm not sure. but I go to church in the morning
that guy: yeah, how about at night, are you free?
me: not really, coz I go to work on Monday. *STOOPP!!!*

NOTE: that guy was shivering
NOTE #2: remember that I said that the pool was very warm? whats wrong with this guy? =.=

Me continued swimming, trying to find a way to get out of that awkward situation.

But then he started talking again. And moved closer. Eww.

that guy (I haven't know his name yet, LOL): can I ask you a question?
me: huh?
that guy: do you have a boyfriend?
me: um. nah. but I have someone close.
that guy: what?
me: I have someone close (, dumb dumb).
that guy: oh. *moves away a bit*
me: *haha*

Swim swim swim.

that guy: you look really good.
me: ...thanks. (I believe that he is short sighted. Why? Because he looks like a person who wears glasses without his glasses on. You know how he looks.)
that guy: whats your name?
me: nysia. whats yours? (No. I don't really wanna know)
that guy: Richo
me: ow.

Gaahh enough of this crap. I left the swimming pool, so did he. Geez. Can't leave me alone can you?
He told me that he live on level 8, but when we got inside the lift, I noticed he didn't press number 8 until we're reaching my floor, the 9th.

me: hey you didn't press the button.
Richo: oh yeah
*getting of the lift*
*he pressed down button*
Richo: hey, can I get your number?
me: umm. Do you have your phone?
Richo: no
me: so how?
Richo: I can remember
me: (really? I really hope you'll forget) oowkay. sure?
Richo: yep2
me: (thinking of some lie) 0-4-0-2-3-2-8-6-8-8
*hint: I changed 1 number. muahahaha*
Richo: *repeated the number to himself* thanks. Can I take you out if you're free?
me: ... just gimme a call.
Richo: ok! *waves as I walked away quickly*

Now I better pray so I won't meet him again.

Lesson learned: Don't swim in Southbank Towers' swimming pool on Fridays. Richo has day-off on that day, so he may be lurking there. Beware!

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