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Last week in Melbourne!

Right, it's my last week before I fly off to Jakarta!
I'm goin' this Sat, actually. Not even a week to go huh?

I dunno whether I'm excited to go home or not. Well, I miss some of the food. I miss my people. I miss my dog (yeah and my fam too xD). But still, staying in Indo for 2,5 months is BORING. Supa-awesomely-boring.
I hate the wheather. I hate mosquitos. I hate stayin' at home alone, as my friends have kinda diff hol than I do. Theirs shorter, in the brighter side.

Thinking about the brighter side, a good reason why I should go home is because it's summer here in Australia (or I should say, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SUMMERRR!!!).

Aagh I still prefer staying here than in Indo tho. =.=
O bother. Better stop whining. *fyi me at work now :p*

Let's stop talking about the depressing journey home *can it be that bad?*

Lotsa things have happened lately; for example my Sydney trip!
Visiting Sydney makes me love Melbourne even more tho.
Except for the fact that Syd has easyway and Melbourne doesn't.
That Syd has the awesome Makoto. AND MELBOURNE DOESN'T! Raaagh green tea brulee.

Talk about my Syd trip sometimes.
Gtg now! *back to work back to work, stop bludiing*

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