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Jakarta Kota Sinetron

I'm in Jakarta! The city that's so famous for it's traffic jam...and for me...the extreme heat *caused by polution, perhaps?*

I arrived around a week ago, after uber tiring flight...I've decided to hate malaysian airlines because it took me so long to get to Jakarta from Melbourne, lol. FYI, it was the worst flight I've ever had. I caught a cold, I suspect it's because I was out in the rain before the flight. I got stuffy nose, and my ears hurt badly, I couldn't sleep really well, caused me to have back pain...Just perfect.

Arriving in Jakarta...I could feel the heat straight away. Phew! Awesomely hot.

Now, after staying here and going around for one week...I think Jakarta is a sinetron city at heart.

Why? Hmm.
  • The main reason is; tante-tante with wrinkles put on make up as heavy as geisha's make up. They also do their hair as if they're going to wedding-> high and stiff because of the classic hairspray!! Oh and they shop in ZARA...Errr, and the norak clothes. So tante.
  • Expensive bags,,,can be seen around. You know, those bags with random monograms like LV n stuff. Total sinetron-antagonist look. Hahah.
  • The poors are poor poor. While the rich embraces richness, the poor sit in poorness puddle. You can see beggars at lotsa traffic lights. Some of them have 'sangar' look that forces you to give your coins *emphasise the 's'* to them. You don't want to have your Mercedez-benz scratched, do you?
  • Ahh, expensive cars. Why would you want to drive a Ferrari here? How do you drive through speed bumps huh? I'm so gonna cry if I scratch a car that's as expensive as my house.
  • Ooh here comes the Blackberry era. I just saw a bunch of teenagers sitting down in a mall, chit chatting with each other, each of them held a blackberry. And I thought Indonesia is poor? Hey, remember wall-e? Maybe someday in the future you'll be talking to someone who's sitting right next to you through computer-webcam-thingie. And you'll be fat. FAT.
O well, it's not like I have any right to complain tho, as all I am doing is sitting here and checking my facebook. lalala~

Jakarta oh Jakarta...How I hate the traffic here. I miss Melbourne so bad! However, I'm losing apetite here. Which is good for my diet program *if I have any*.

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