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Hey ho!

If any of you wonder what I've been doing lately, I have to say it's still a mystery.
Honestly, I can't really remember what I've been doing :p
Things go like they always do: uni, work, oikos, and church.
Small things in between includes dinner out, lunch out, or baking.

I baked what's supposed to be strawberry turnover, but it ended up soggy since I could't seal the edges perfectly. Should give it a try again next time, but now I had enough soggy pastry lol.
O well, if you haven't failed you haven't tried eh? Speaking of baking, however, I baked a brownie tart last weel, which turned out awesomely. Not perfect, but I love the texture. Yum. Somehow it tastes a bit salty tho. I'm really sure I used unsalted butter and correct amount of salt…Humm maybe I should just reduce the salt next time!

a snapshot of the brownie, decorated for picture purpose only :p

Geez my blog's been boring for the past I-don't-know-how-long :( And I don't feel like writing anything interesting…Hahaha...
I just don't have anything to write about. Life's been good…I'm waiting for my holiday to come, so sick of coming to classes and doing my assignments. Just gimme a break already.

Oh one random thing! I've realised it for quite a while now, but then I never write it anywhere to remember it. Not that important, but interesting for me:
I learn and do bits of everything. By that I mean: photography; design; singing; basketball; baking; video editing; nail care *if that counts*; japanese; felt doll-making… and some more random stuff that I might missed. Well it's good in a way, but at the same time a bit ironical..hhahahhaah… I like stuff too easily. I see it, I want to do it, then I do it, then I stop most things and continue few things :p Hehe. I hope I keep learning how to bake tho, since I've already invested on some tools..gee.

Anyway, now I remember 2 interesting sightings that I wanna share!
1. When I was walking home, I saw an orange girl.
And that's so funnily lame. I mean, come on! She's orange! ORAAANGE!!! You know fake tan is just too much, but this…is just overwhelming. Reminds me of Bride Wars, yay.

2. I saw teletubbies today.
Errr, there were 2 Asians handing pamphlets in front of Melbourne Central, wearing what I see as cheap-made tubbies costume. I saw the purple one first *tinky winky?*. The head mask didn't cover his face, so I can clearly see his grumpy face. Dude, can't you at least smile? Who would take the pamphlets from a frowning fat purple alien? I hate teletubbies, let alone the pissed of ones. Walking down Swanston, I saw the second tubby, this time the red one or Po if I remember correctly…Inside it was a girl, thank God she at least smiled. She didn't put on the head mask tho. I can see no point she's wearing that oversized alien costume. Hmm. Marketing just got worse..haha…

And that's all I can remember for now! :)
Stay tuned

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