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out of my amazement

First of all, dreadful internet connection!!

Argh I should've bought the unlimited one if that's really faster. I'm using IM2 now and there's been lotsa down time! Not fun.

Anyway, remember I mentioned about renewing my IDs? Well apparently the extra Rp 10K my Dad gave didn't pay off, I haven't received my new national id yet. Oh well, there's always Monday for these kinda things.

But! It still amazes me how easy it was to renew everything here. Or even MAKE anything here. I remember the time when I came to the police station for the first time to get a driving license. I was told that all I needed to to was to come and take photo, so imagine me freaking out when one of the police asked me to come in a room with a overhead projector and some guys and maybe few girls sitting around holding pens. OMG I have to take a test? I tot that time. To my relief, the police handed me a test paper that had already filled in with correct answers. Well maybe someone crossed one or two wrong ones, but still. Don't you just love how corrupt our country is? Sarcasm alert. Next, photo, finger print, and I got my brand new-shiny driving license. Tah Daah!!

Renewing was almost the same, except that I didn't have to sit and 'take the test'. I came, a guy told me to wait in a room, someone called my name to take a pic. Inside, a tense looking police asked me my name. All I cared about was how thick his eyebrows were.

Bapak beralis tebel (BBT): "Jalan Sunan Kudus 46/60 itu yang mana?"

Well, I didn't know why my Dad started to write our address this way. Number 46 is actually his shop, on the other block of the street. Number 60, is my house. I mean, how far is it from 46 to 60! People must've wondered.

Me: "Oh, ehh...Yang di pojok jalan...sunan kudus sama emm apa ya? Yang di pojok itu lho pak.." omg udah lupa nama jalan di kudus!

BBT: "..."

Uh-oh, not convincing enough.

Me: "Emm, yang ada Suzuki Motor?" dagdigdug

BBT: "Ooh..." *sotoy*

Ah biar deh, me not gonna see you again, bapak...Take care and live your life to the fullest! It doesn't matter where Jl Sunan Kudus 46/60 is!

Anyway. I got my new driving license and took off immediately! Outside, my Dad gave some amount of money to the guy who helped me. Bukan sogokan, cuma uang makan kok. Bukan uang rokok, ntar dituduh bunuh anak orang.

Till later, people!

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