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holy city.

Hello fellas, it's been a while since I came home that I lost track of time. It's very very boring here, all I do is watching dvds (got a stack from Jakarta - phew).

I guess I've learned this so far: Kudus is a small, smaaall town. Having yummy opor ayam, soto ayam, nasi pindang, n lentog is not enough to make up what it's lacking of. Geez.

Last week, out of boredom, I searched through the cabinets in my dining room- guess what I found! A measuring scale, few spatulas, cake knife, and a mixer. A stand mixer! However I found out quickly too, that the metal whisks are missing. So I gave up the thought of baking anything :p The next day, out of boredom again, I searched the drawers that I haven't checked and I found the whisks! Should I bake - was the question. As the oven is not working and I was not sure whether or not I could use the microwave oven, I asked my sist. As disappointing as it was, the microwave oven uses lotsa energy that my house's electricity went down after my sist warmed water in it. Oh wow. I miss my apartment in Melbourne.

My IDs - national and driving license will be expired on this August so I went around these days to renew everything. I went to renew my driving license the other day, my driver took care of everything so all I had to do there was to come and take photo. Same happened today with my national id. Hey I hate the new driving license, it's ugleh. I hope the national id will look better. My dad gave that old guy extra Rp 10K and asked him to finish it by today. But I haven't received it yet, hmm. Scary huh, everything can be done here in Indo with money.

What else, hmm. Ah yea when I was not around, my dad called the vet to groom Eagle! He told me that someone will come and pick Eagle up and bring him home later. Cool. All for Rp 35K. So yesterday I arranged Eagle to be groomed again. Someone picked him up early (when I went out at around 9 the cage was already empty :/), but hasn't returned him until around 4.30 so I asked. A while later Eagle got home, and running around wildly. Hmm I guess he misses home too. He's so cute when he's all groomed :3

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