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Blood and needle

Hello world!
As always, I've been to lazy to write new post here :3

Last week was my second time donating blood in Melbourne, my third time in total! 

My first time was during high school, where PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia!) people came to collect our blood...That sounds like a vampire story, hmm. Anyway. The nurse (?) who pierced me with a giant needle and suck my blood told me that my blood flow was really reaaally slow and asked whether or not I exercise regularly. Geez, I was still in the basketball team at that time!! D:

Weird, I didn't mind giving blood in my school's old and dark and damp clinic, laying on the dodgy bed with few more students. That would creep me out now.

The good thing back then, we got boiled egg, chocolate bread and milk, and also vitamin for a day! Plus,  I got to skip some classes...xD You know, I think some students gave blood just for the sake of skipping classes.

Last year was my first time donating blood here. I came with my church group, around 10-ish people? The facility here is incomparable with the one I saw before, of course! 

My blood type is O+. The majority of the people on earth has O+ blood type. I'm like, the most common type of person living. My bf's AB+. The rarest blood type in the whole world. Like, 2% of our population is AB+. The Red Cross staffs called him regularly to ask if he's available to give blood. Me, on the other side, joke around with my friends that Red Cross won't need me since there are too many O+ people living. 

If you give blood here, sometimes you will receive a letter showing 3 people whose lives you saved. My bf got 6 people saved. Since my last donation, I haven't got any letter. Maybe they gave my blood to lab-pigs or the Cullens. Hmmm.

But few days after the joke, Red Cross heard me. A girl called my cell (which I almost ignored, having past unpleasant experiences with useless sales n promotion calls), asking me if I wanna give blood again. Waahh! So I said yes.

I forgot that the Blood Donation Centre has moved. I had to went around asking people where the new one is =.= Lucky it is still quite close to my apartment. 

The guy who took my blood was not an Aussie bloke. He has a rather unique name, and spoke reaaallly softly. I could hardly understand what he said. So gentle too, in an almost creepy way. 

You know, from my two blood-donating experiences here, I can say that the nurse who took my blood back in high school was wrong. Eight minutes. I gave 440 ml in 8 minutes. My blood flow isn't slow!!! And I don't even exercise here...Answering the questions and checking and waiting took longer than giving blood itself. 

There will be blood donation event again in my church on 12 July, check out the link below for a video that our Media ministry did! I had lotsa fun making this vid heheehhh

Definitions of blood donation on the Web:
  • A blood donation occurs when a healthy person voluntarily has blood drawn. The blood is used for transfusions or made into medications by a process called fractionation.

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