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you should be dancing in joy

Don't give me that look.

I know I haven't posted anything here since like forever ago, I've been very lazy, I know. 
But yeah, I have things to report as always :D

I'm feeling sleep-deprived. Of too much having fun. Err, not really. It all started 2 weeks ago. My Church is busy preparing for the coming xmas celebration, and as a part of the committee, yes I'm pretty busy too. I spent my whole weekend working for the photoshoot, and gosh it sucks a looot of my time and energy. Starting from sleeping at nearly 5 am on Friday - I mean Saturday - and spending the rest of Saturday (read: morning til late) preparing the photoshoot, and it was quite late when we finally got to snap some pics. Blame the wind that destroyed our outdoor studio, that we had to move everything to R's place at Docklands. That spells 3 times Southbank - Docklands drive for E.

At the end of that day, however, we were really satisfied :) And the photos? You bet, they were awesome. The teaser is up, the poster is coming this Sunday, and all is well. I love you guys for being so into this event! :)

Another random note is, I sprained my leg playing basketball last week. I had to wear brace for few days, and that reminds me of high school times. I sprained my ankle back then and it was swollen and ugly and bruising and blue. It's not that bad this time, I just couldn't play basketball again for the rest of last week.

Aaanddd I lost my apartment keys. That includes my fob. It's gone just like that! I mean if it fell from my bag, couldn't I at least heard it? Hmm. Weird, yeah.

I will be going back on Dec 1, and frankly, I can't wait! How I miss Indo food! And my Mr Von Chelsea and my home and my fam and and yes, I miss you, the guy in the iron man tees :)


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