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when a random-past-memory strikes :)

Something reallllyyyy random came up to me when I was showering this eveninng! :)

When I was a 5th or 6th grader, I joined my school's camp. It wasn't really what I was expected tho, since the "camp site" was actually a huuuge plain field somewhere in the suburb. Aside from my primary school, there were few other schools who joined this camp. It was more like sleeping-outside-in-a-tent-with-few-hundred-other-primary-schoolers kind of thing. All I can remember of the camp site was rows and rooows of tents. Each tent was separated by a metre distance. And the bathroom was horrible.

Anyway. I think my school was the only private school out in the camp site. The other schools were public schools, and not to be mean, some were reallyyy from the kampung part of my city.

I don't remember much of the camp activities, except that during one showering session, one of my friend took me and couple other girls to shower in her relative's house which wasn't far away :p

And here's the part that struck me just now.

As we spent 2 days there, we got to know some students from other schools. On the last day, we exchanged contacts; address and home phone number. Note: no mobile yet. There was this super proactive girl who asked for everyone's address and numbers, I can't remember her name or face though.

Few days after the camp, I could hardly remember any of them. But one fated day, when my door bell rang, my maid came to my room to get me. She said that a bunch of kids were waiting outside, wanting to meet me. Me being me, I didn't really want to spend awkward moment with kids I didn't really know. So I didn't greet them, and I asked my maid to tell them that I wasn't home! :p

They, howeverrr, insisted to get some photos of me. It's a bit creepy if I remember it now =.= Yeah, they asked for my photos! Annoyed, I grabbed any passport photos of myself I could find and handed them to my maid :D The kids are never to be heard of from then. Lol. Oh except a phone-call that I rejected. Hehe.

Am I fine, you ask? Yep, I'm good. No voodoo or whatsoever...hahaa...

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