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if money doesn't matter

Okay, so this is a super-random-post I typed while waiting for the clock to strike 11 pm :) The question's been haunting me for the past two days, so I might as well tell you what I wanna do if money doesn't matter...

The question itself, I think, is in the context where; money doesn't matter to me, imagining I have enough or too much that I don't need to work anymore, lol.

So, what doesn't matter?

If money doesn't matter,
I'll travel far and long

To countries you hesitate to go to,
To nations as poor as you can imagine

I hope I can dance with the people
I wish they will sing along

In my dreams they will
In reality, who knows

There are people
who don't know what does "I'm full" means

And I won't understand what they mean
If they ever say "I'm happy"

I want to take pictures of their faces
I want to bring home their emotions

I want to share it to the world
And to those who are living in comfort

I'll let you know how lucky you are
And if you're not thankful, how foolish you are

If a picture says a thousand words
Let mine move a thousand hearts

Let their smiles tear your heart apart
And their tears break it to pieces

There are hopes I keep in secret
'Cos I don't dare to dream them

But if money doesn't matter,
I hope you'll join me hand in hand


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