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Let there be light...

This box came to me on Monday! Well, not really true. I had to go to South Melbourne PO to pick it up (after stalking it online). I hate my apartment's concierge for never ever receiving deliveries for me. And Freshwater's PO for closing down. Agh! That aside, I was really happy to finally got this surprisingly light box...which has this inside:

A Canon box...

With my much anticipated Speedlite in it!!

More unboxing pics :) It took me a while getting used to the setting and stuff (bad habit of 'reading the manuals later'), before I could take properly lit image...Like this one, my fave of the night.

I'm one happy human being!! :D :D :D This pic was taken in the same room as the unboxing pics, no touch up whatsoever :)

Really glad I chose to get the speedlite before a macro lens!


Halim said...

Glup!! 580ex?? Boros batere ga tuh nys?

venysia augusta said...

Hey lim sori baru baca commentmu :D hmm oke kok. Aku pake yg rechargable, waktu camp kemaren semaleman kuat tuh :)