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Bringing back the dodgy memories - part 1

At least, the promised post... XD My Sydney trip last month!

Visiting Sydney sure brought some dodgy memories alive, remembering I spent one year and a half there...

15 November 2008
Harbourside at night by you.
Darling Harbour used to be all 'wow' and 'whoah' when I first come x)
After several times, however, the 'wow' became 'oh' and 'so'.
Now...after spending half a year in Melbourne, it was quite wow again at the first glance :p
Things (foods) to love here: Pancake on The Rocks - even tho I prefer the one in The Rocks, Darling Harbour's closer to city XD; LINDT CAFE!! - uhuyyness; umm, there's Hurricane too if you're just too lazy to go to Bondi beach.
Note that Darling Harbour goes all the way to Kings Wharf, and there's Kingsley... The steak's quite good, the memories' better *To Ade and Arif...inget kaaan? hiahia*
Also if you're single and desperately looking, Darling Harbour might makes you feel intimidated. Lotsa couples doing kissie and huggie there. Maybe more, I just haven't got a chance to bust'em.
Less dangerous than the one above, but still be cautios to seagulls. Don't feed the birds! Let human be the only kind that eat JUNK food.

16 November 2008
QVB's stained glass window by you.
Full of expensive stuff that I can't afford, but if you go to the low levels, you may find some bargains here XD lol.
Things to love here: Mondo's gelato, some random japanese cafe upstair - the breakfast's nice :9, victoria's basement - found some cute stuff there.
This mall is so hectic at peak hours, specially in the lowest level as it connects with Town Hall your feet, might get stomped a lot.
17 November 2008
lining up by you.
Opera House...Can't say you've been to Sydney if you haven't been here!
Be warned that this place is full of random Asian tourists wearing random Australia clothes and accessories.
Like Darling Harbour, Opera House is full o sea gulls.
And the random Asian tourists feed'em.
To love here: err....knowing that you're in Sydney?

Metallic Blue Crab! by you.
Fish Market
The place to get lots and lots of cholesterol.
The food's not that awesome, but I like eating here xD The seafood platter might bring out some apetite.
To love here: seafood platter

18 November 2008

The Gallery of Victoria

Ichiban boshi!
You need to q for a while to get seated, but the food is really worth the price! Totally recommended. The service is good too ~ I love japanese resto.
While waiting to get seated, you can try taking photos with your pals to kill time. You might get stared by fella q-ers, but who cares anyway.

Things to love here: Ichiban boshi for sure. Kinokuniya...why don't we have it in Melbourne? D:, shops shops.

The Strand Arcade
fleur wood by you.
Doesn't really bring back any memories, but worth mentioning too.
Well, maybe it doesn't worth mentioning.

continued in next post!

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