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listen to the rythm of the rain...

I woke up today, a bit late but who cares - I'm up anyway, to find out that it was raining...
No wonder it was so cold in my room! I woke up early in the morning just to put on a thicker blanket xD and went back to my deep sleep. Even my desperate phone couldn't wake me up...lame.

Anyway! What I'm trying to say here iiiis...I love the feeling! Nyahahah :3
It feels like holiday; waking up late, it's raining outside and I don't need to go anywhere but in front of the tv to watch some more pirated dvds. *wait, it IS a holiday T_T*

Now I just need a hot shower and wish the day will be perfect :p
Hmm no, nothing stupid happened yet. I haven't interact with anyone at home. People are out of sight! D: Nooooo~

O well. I'm going out tonight. There's a late christmas celebration plus anniversary of my church! Time to socialise! HAHAH. Long holiday does make me crazeeeh.

Til latta

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