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open up my eyes to the things unseen...

Merry belated christmas and happy belated new year! Woohoohh! It's 2009, baaby!
Let's screw the economic crisis rumour and mama laurent's (or however she spells her name) modjojojo about how dark the future will be. I mean, come on, anyone can forcast some catastrophies will happen in our beloved country and tahdah it will happen. We kno thaat rrright?

So it's officially the fifth day of 2009. It's 1 am in the morning and I'm writing my blog. He-llo? Yeah I don't feel like sleeping just yet. I've been doing nothing important this hols and it's supa depressing...

Let's say it just happened that I was thinking about life. Liiiife. Is exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting, when everything goes the way you want it to be. When you rich spoiled brat can waste your rich parents money on useless stuff like bags and sports car. When you poor people get scraps of food for the whole family to eat. When dog chases its tail without being accused for doing porno-action (???). Yeah all is good, all is happy-go-lucky. You're happy, the sun shines bright, there's a halo over your head. You smile like a retard all day long. Simply awesome.

But things remind me and maybe you too about the scary part of living on this earth. We have responsibilities here. We are made for a purpose. Yeah, we weren't made just to eat and get fat, apparently. You like it or not, believe it or not, see it coming or not, life's gonna end sooner or later. In fact, it's coming right in front of your nose. Boom. You're gone. My primary-junior high friend passed away few days ago. See, young people die too, morons.

Someday I think, it'd be nice if all people be good and go to heaven. Buut, some people are just not interested in doing good for heaven knows what the reason is. So I suppose some (or majority) are going to hell. Yyepp. HELL. So I think again, it's ok they're going there as long as I'm safe and happy and well fed but stay sexy in heaven. Then I think more and more. HOW IF some people I love can't go with moi? It's gonna sucks, badly. Hmmh. *hey I have every right in the world to be serious and think, eh?*

That makes me wonder, will we bear guilt or regrets in heaven? How if someday I remember someone that's not in heaven and thought, "I could've brought him here if only I tried harder that time." *or "I can kill him while he was still good so he died good, or I can get a lion to eat him, perhaps."*

Geez, won't we enjoy our time in heaven while bearing such guilt. Hmm hmm.

So! Unto the new year resolution!

I'm gonna start working my butt off!!!

To lose weight!!!

*kok ga nyambung sama isi blognya ya?*

err anywaaaay...
I wish you think about those stuff...You better watch out, you better be good...*saaanta claus is comiing to town*

and here's a refrain from a song I like, as a bonus.

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause
As I go from nothing to

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