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where's my sunshine after the rain?

Seriously, Melbourne's spring is a joke. It's 9°C and (according to my weather forecast widget!) it feels like 3°C! Yesterday was the worst tho. It started raining from I-don't-know-how-early. Well I woke up at 8am and it was stormy. Felt like going back to sleep, but remembering the bills that I have to pay, I dragged my self out of my (cozy) bed.

It doesn't stop there. For the whole day, it rained, storm sweeped the whole city, anddd yes, hail storm. A.k.a ice cubes fell from the sky. It wasn't as bad as previous hail storm, but it happened few times yesterday.

When I went out later in the evening, rubbish bins around Southbank (and anywhere in the city, later I found out) were filled with umbrellas - broken ones - that I had to take this pic:

I got to stay at home for almost the whole day - small thing of which I'm really thankful of :D Cleaned my room, did laundry...*exhales*

Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow! :)

On a random note, I can't stop eating this chocolate-button-thingie. Grrrrrr. I need more exercise! Been playing basketball and badminton for few times last 2 weeks and sweating feels goood 8D

On another random note, my internet connection is hopelessss. Tried using my berry as a modem, it worked faster =.= The BIS kept dropping when I did so, though. So I stopped. *sigh*

Fingers crossed for better internet connection tomorrow! :(

cyah! xo

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